Biomass Group

PT GODWIN AUSTEN INDONESIA began its activities in the biomass sector in 2003 with the exports of Palm Kernel Shells, also a waste byproduct of the Palm Oil Industry. The company has remained a dominant player in the exports of Palm Kernel Shells in Indonesia and has active stockpiles in Padang and Dumai in Indonesia.

The company has established supply chain linkages with between 50-60 different plantation companies in Sumatera Island for the supply of Palm Kernel Shells for export. the company has its own warehousing and screening facilities for preparation of quality biomass product. the company is also not establishing its own trucking and logistics company to facilitate this business.

Export markets have so far been to markets in Europe, Japan, Thailand and discussions are being made for sales into new markets. The company is also studying opportunities in new biomass products in the palm industry as well as looking at biomass power investment potentials.

The company is actively looking to grow supply potentials in Kalimantan and other islands in Indonesia where Palm plantation growth is expected to be rapid.

Together with logistics and shipping support, we expect to continue to maintain a dominant position in this industry.