Feed Ingredients Group

The main products handled by the company’s feed ingredients division are Palm and Copra Expellers.

1. Palm Kernel Expellers

The company has been involved in Palm Kernel Expeller exports since 1999/2000 and is currently handling approximately 500,000MT in exports per annum.

Palm Kernel Expellers is the byproduct of the mechanically expelled oil extraction process of Palm Kernels. It is a delicate and highly combustible product which requires proper handling. The company has over the many years developed the experience to handle this product in large volumes.

The company owns and operates its own warehousing for Palm Kernel Expellers in the Indonesian ports of Belawan, Dumai and Sampit at the moment and have plans for establishment of 2-3 new facilities at new ports in kalimantan and sumatera islands.

The company enjoys the support of premier Indonesian plantation groups in its export activity. The company is continously discussing the possibilities of support on Palm Kernel Expeller logistics with these groups to support their stellar expansion Palm Kernel Oil production growth in Indonesia. Growth in this industry is expected to be very aggressive in the future and our ability to handle the logistics and marketing of this product is seen as an asset with the large plantation corporates.

On the marketing side, the company is active in the European and Asian markets with a lead position in the Vietnamese market. The company also has an exclusive supply arrangement of Indonesian Palm Kernel Expeller with CEFETRA BV, a large EU based integrated feed ingredient supply chain manager. The company is working to develop new non traditional destinations for Palm Kernel Expellers to support the companies push to trade 1,000,000MT of cargoes in the next future.

2. Copra Expellers

The company began trading Copra Expellers in 2000 and is still active in this product with annual volumes of about 80-100,000MT of copra Expellers as well as Copra Extraction pellets. Sourcing is from Indonesia as well as the Philippines.

Export markets are primarily into Vietnam, India and Korea.